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North Richmond Hills water heater repair serviceAs upsetting as it may be, water heaters weren't made to last forever. In fact, if you've owned a home for more than 15 years you've probably had to replace one. The standard tank style water heater is designed to last about 11 years. If it is well taken care of it could be stretched to 15 or more, if not it might not make it to 10.

Sometimes Plumbing is Rotten Eggs

Our North Richland Hills plumbing contractors have a specialized division that only deals with water heater repair. This group is specifically trained in conventional and tankless water heating systems. When you have an issue with intermittent hot water, rusty water, a rotten egg smell, popping sounds in the tank or anything else that is out of the ordinary with your hot water, call in our North Richland water heater repair specialists. We can usually diagnose your problem over the phone and have the tools in hand when we come to your door.

Sacrificial Anode Rod Replacement and Thermostat Repair

The vast majority of water heater repairs are either due to a need for sacrificial anode replacement or a faulty thermostat. The former is the main reason for things like rusty water, rotten egg smells and popping sounds on the interior of the tank. When a sacrificial anode is replaced it is usually done in conjunction with sediment flush. This will eliminate the bacteria and sediment build-up from the base of the tank and take with it the rotten egg smell and the source of the popping noises. Once the anode is back in place the interior of the Our North Richand Hills water heater repair team replaces entire unitstank will stop rusting and your water will flow clear again. A faulty thermostat often results in inconsistent temperatures, superheated water or a total lack of hot water.  Simple voltage test coupled with a temperature reading can usually determine if the thermostat is bad.

Scheduled Water Heater Maintenance Saves Cash

Our North Richland Hills water heater repair specialists recommend having your water heater maintenanced annually to detect minor issues that may be early warning signs of bigger problems on the horizon. This can save you quite a bit of money and a huge headache if your water heater were to suffer a catastrophic failure.

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